4 Steps To
Leadership Success 

How to lead teams with confidence, ditch the overwhelm and turn them into a high-performing powerhouse.

5 Things you’ll get from this course

  • Spot the Hiccups
    I’ll show you the tell-tale signs that you’re facing leading low-performing teams and what you can do about it. Think communication snags and culture bumps.
  • Mindset Makeover
    Learn why thinking ‘growth’ instead of ‘fixed’ can be a game-changer for your leadership style.
  • Your Inner GPS
    Dive into self-awareness. We’ll tweak your personal compass, so you can align your team’s values and solve conflicts with more confidence and ease.
  • Toolkit Time
    Grab some essential tools for your leadership belt. Find out how to manage your time like a pro so you can stress less and lead better.
  • Diverse Team Strategies
    The best comes last – You’ll dive into how to lead a team with all its beautiful diversity. Get the lowdown on listening levels, inclusion tricks, and more.

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Hosted by Tamer Aboalam

I’m dedicated to helping leaders unlock their full potential, transforming not just their professional lives but also enriching their roles as individuals, spouses, parents, and friends.

With 25 years of experience in international organizations and 15 years leading diverse global teams, I bring a wealth of knowledge from living in four countries and speaking four languages.
My background in political science, an MBA, and extensive training, including as a co-active coach, has equipped me to uniquely guide leaders in diverse environments.

My approach focuses on inner development, fostering a growth mindset and refining decision-making skills. This foundation paves the way for mastering leadership essentials and effectively applying them in diverse team settings.

Stay inspired.

Take responsibility.

Own it.

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How to lead teams with confidence, ditch the overwhelm,
and turn them into a high-performing powerhouse.