Coaching One to One sessions

  • Date: to be announced
  • Cost: to be quoted
  • Course type: live video or audio sessions using Zoom
  • Duration: initial package of 6 session, each of 60 mins, with frequency of weekly, bi-weekly or per agreement
  • Language: English, or Arabic
  • What you need: internet connection, quite place where you can focus, pen and paper to take notes and do exercises
  • Course description: The 121 sessions are private sessions with you only where we work together on exploring your needs and goals. The program can cover your life in 360-degree approach, or you can decide to focus on a specific area of your life. Please note it can be that we need to explore other aspects of your life beside your area of focus if it’s relevant and impactful to your targets, as typically the different parts of our life are connected.