Road to Leadership:
complete course – 4 levels

Date: to be announced


  • Date: it follows the dates of each of the 4 levels
  • Course type: live webinar
  • Duration: 4 levels each level is 3 sessions of 90 minutes per session (total of 12 sessions)
    • Bonus session on relationships
  • Language: Arabic
  • What you need: internet connection, quite place where you can focus, pen and paper to take notes and do exercises
  • Course description:
    • What is the Road to Leadership?
      • It’s about transforming yourself and your life to the one of your dreams. It’s a four-level journey that takes you from sitting and wishing you had a certain life, to getting up and living that very life. From dreaming of your best self and life, to becoming your best successful self and living that life.
    • Who needs to learn it?
      • The program is meant for anyone with ambitions and dreams of success and seeking to lead their life into a rich one, morally and financially. It’s for all of us wanting to succeed in life and becoming the dream version of ourselves. It’s also for those managers or entrepreneurs looking to become leaders and lead their teams or business to success and magnificent transformations.
    • The journey consists of four levels:
      • Level 1 – The mindset. Having the right mentality and approach towards life is the corner stone for building a successful transformation. You’ll learn how to develop your winner mentality and set yourself on the path to success.
      • Level 2 – self-awareness. Here you become aware of your value, inner strengths that you should leverage to success, and inner weaknesses that could hold you from success. you’ll also learn the concept self-care and the tools needed to achieve it and create a balanced life.
      • Level 3 – self-knowledge. You’ll learn to identify your dream life precisely, translate those dreams into goals, and set the needed change plan to achieve it. You’ll also learn the concept of fulfilled life and how to maintain it in yours.
      • Level 4 – leadership tools. Now is the time to receive the fundamental leadership skills that are not only needed for you as a manager or entrepreneur, but also someone looking to lead your life and have the right relationships. Tools like decision making, empathy, time-management…etc.