Road to Leadership:
level 4 – Leadership tools

Date: to be announced


  • Date: to be announced
  • Course type: live webinar
  • Duration: 3 sessions of 90 minutes each
  • Language: Arabic
  • What you need: internet connection, quite place where you can focus, pen and paper to take notes and do exercises
  • Course description: at this final level, you shall learn the fundamental leadership tools required to lead your life, teams, or business. This is the last mile in your building of a leadership character which is acquiring the necessary tools to complete your leadership skills. There are many tools that you’ll learn including the decision making, empathy, time-management, team building & having difficult conversations.
  • Expected outcome after completing this level is to learn the following tools:
    • Understand the concept of empathy and impact on relationships
    • Ability to take decisions in a timely and efficient manner
    • Learn to manage your time & handle tasks in priority
    • Lean the fundamentals of creating a functioning relationships and a united team
    • Ability to have difficult conversations