Test laurence

Date: to be announced


  • Date: to be announced
  • Cost: 400$
  • Course type: live webinar
  • Duration: 90-120 minutes
  • Language: Arabic
  • What you need: internet connection, quite place where you can focus, pen and paper to take notes and do exercises
  • Course description: there is a prerequisite for this course which is the sales training course. This course is aimed for sales leaders who manage a team of salespeople. In this course you will learn how to teach your team the sales skills from the previous course, and most important, you’ll learn to “coach” your sales team on those techniques, and how to build their trust. You’ll also learn how to create a competitive yet cooperative sales team.
  • Expected outcome after completing this course:
    • Train your sales team on the sales skills and techniques
    • Coach your team to success
    • Create a competitive yet cooperative sales team