Leadership program

The Road to Leadership program

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  • Date: it follows the dates of each of the 4 levels
  • Course type: Recorded training
  • Duration: 4 levels each level is split into sessions
  • What you need: internet connection, quite place where you can focus, pen and paper to take notes and do exercises
  • Course description:
    • What is the Road to Leadership program?
      It’s a holistic program developing leadership character and skills for professional that is based on building one’s mindset and self-awareness then adding the relevant leadership skills on top of it. It’s a journey that takes you from dreaming of your ideal life, to getting up and living that very life. 
    • Who this program is for?
      The program is meant for professionals with ambitions and dreams of career growth, leading successful teams, and becoming inspiring leaders,
    • The journey consists of four levels:
      • Level 1 – The mindset. Having the right mentality and approach towards life is the corner stone for building a successful transformation. You’ll learn to develop your winner mentality and set yourself on the path to success.
      • Level 2 – self-awareness. Here you become aware of your value, passion and purpose, and identify your inner strengths & weaknesses and know how to leverage them to your success. You’ll also learn the concept self-care and the tools needed to achieve it and create a balanced life.
      • Level 3 – leadership fundamentals. Now you’re ready to establish the leadership fundamentals and learn those skills like decision making, empathy, time-management…etc.
      • Level 4 – here you will learn how to lead successful teams in terms of approaches and techniques. you will learn to be inspiring and truly lead others.