Your  telecom business
isn’t hitting the numbers
& you don’t know why?

✔ Identify what keeps you from growing!
✔ Turn your stagnant business into a revenue generating powerhouse with long-term strategies!
✔ Implement and get serious results!

Holistic Sales Growth Strategies will help you grow your
telecom business

Unlock growth with a holistic sales approach that’s focused not just on the numbers but also the people. I’ll help you optimize your sales strategies and develop high-performance teams so that your business not only achieves but surpasses its revenue goals. 

Expect increased market shares, astronomical sales numbers, high-performing sales teams, and leaders who inspire solution-driven thinking.

Business Assessment
Data-driven analytics to evaluate current sales strategies, team dynamics, and leadership to pinpoint inefficiencies.

Sales Strategy Framework
Create and streamline sales processes for maximum efficiency so that your A-players can perform at their best and bring in more sales.

Sales Team Transformation
Identify strengths and gaps in your sales teams to foster a culture of collaboration that leads to higher performance.

Leadership Coaching
Develop and coach leaders to inspire, motivate and guide teams to adapt to new, innovative sales tactics.

“Tamer strengthened team dynamics, developed employees’ capabilities and contributed significantly to the collective success.”

Marcelo Giuggioloni

Become A Better Leader for your Sales Team And Get Coached 1:1 By Tamer

Do you lead mid-sized to large sales teams (who work remotely)? Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and insecure about how address problems? Is your team fractional instead of bonded together and they aren’t hitting their goals? Would you like to learn how to better lead your team, increase your communication and problem-solving skills and turn your team into a high-performing powerhouse?

Apply to work with Tamer today:

“Working under Tamer’s guidance has been instrumental in my professional growth.”

Jesa Ebina

A Speaker Every Telecom Business With Growth Ambition Will Love

Ready to elevate your organization’s leadership, team dynamics, and sales? Let’s empower your leaders with the skills to turn their teams into your business’ strength for lasting success and exponential growth.

Hi there, I’m Tamer Aboalam —

I help tech businesses grow revenue and develop globally.

I experienced working at two telecom industry giants, navigating both telco and service provider landscapes. In both cases, I helped & led teams growing business and revenue.

Now, I drive global expansion for businesses in this dynamic sector.

My journey is marked by 25 years of experience in transforming underperforming sales strategies into revenue generators and leading teams to achieve unprecedented success. Through leveraging data-driven insights and innovative leadership, I’ve steered telecom companies towards not just meeting, but exceeding, their ambitious revenue goals, gaining market share, and establishing major brand awareness. Let’s unlock your business’ potential together.

“I had the privilege of working under Tamer’s leadership, and it was a transformative experience.”

Bruno Moura